Here are a few examples of what some of my clients have been experiencing with their Body Talk sessions:


”When I came in for my Body Talk session I was feeling irritated and ungrounded. I had some experiences at work that day that had my nerous system in overdrive, and I was feeling frazzled and out of balance. When I left the session and sat in my car, I realized how great it was to be ‘back in my body.’ I felt centered, calm, peaceful, and most of all connected to myself and the world again. I attended a small party that evening for a couple of hours and was able to really enjoy myself. I usually pass on such invitations after a day at work because I need the time to center myself and relax. But this time it wasn’t necessary – Body Talk did it! Thanks so much for sharing this work! I look forward to my next session.”

    —  PB


“My home had been recently broken into. I was having a great deal of trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. I’d wake frequently with fear and anxiousness. I was still shaken, of course, by the violation of the break-in, and the lack of sleep was beginning to be a problem. After just a single session of Body Talk with Paul I found that I was sleeping soundly and peacefully the very next night! It was quite remarkable.

I experienced more balance and sense of peace after the Body Talk sessions. The technique was calming to the nervous system after such a traumatic home invasion experience. Body Talk helped gently release the PTSD trauma from my whole body. It was such a relief to be able to sleep deeply and peacefully again, instead of feeling so hypervigilant.”

    —  R.C.


“I find that I leave my sessions feeling quite light, calm and relaxed. The sessions have brought attention to some blocked or stuck energy relating to emotions, and I am grateful for that awareness.”

    —  H.S.


“I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and have tried many treatments and approaches. Acupuncture and Body Talk (both ‘energy based’ approaches) have been the only treatments that have significantly helped. I feel that my Body Talk sessions with Paul have really helped. I like that I don’t have to ‘do’ anything to make it work. I leave it to the Body Talk process to guide Paul to address what needs work to aid my recovery. I feel that Paul is a true healer, and that my health will be restored.”

    —  A.C.

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