About Body Talk

BodyTalk is a comprehensive health care system based on energy medicine that looks to restore the internal communication in the body, thus restoring health.

Body Talk is based on the premise that the body (or “body/mind complex”) has an amazing, innate ability to heal itself, as long as its internal lines of communication are intact. This internal communication involves the brain and nervous system, the endocrine system, blood and lymph circulation, and many others down to the level of biochemical communication within a single cell. Eastern medicine recognizes many other subtle communication systems through energy meridians, energy centers, flow of Qi, etc.



 Stress, of any type, can cause this internal communication to become compromised and thus create “dis-ease.” Body Talk practitioners use a subtle form of biofeedback to locate these areas of stress, miscommunication, and imbalance. Then techniques are used, mainly involving tapping, touch, and intent, to help direct the body to restore balance in these areas. This then allows the body to be more effective at carrying on its own remarkable healing abilities.


There is a growing understanding in various fields of study (including quantum physics) that consciousness is the ground substance of reality. The philosophy and science of BodyTalk are founded on this principle, and it can be said that Body Talk is truly a consciousness-based form of health care. This may be the cutting edge of health care into the 21st century.

What can Body Talk help with?

It needs to be emphasized that Body Talk does not “treat” any specific ailment, nor does a Body Talk practitioner diagnose any condition. That having been said, the Body Talk system can be extremely helpful for almost any kind of condition. Physical ailments of all kinds, acute and chronic, emotional blocks, injuries, stress, sleep problems – you name it and chances are that Body Talk has been used successfully to help. The premise is that the body is capable of healing almost anything. Body Talk facilitates that ability. It can also be used to enhance sports performance (or any other kind of performance). If you visit the website of the International Body Talk Association (see below), you’ll see all kinds of stories of the variety of ways Body Talk has been successfully used.


The Body Talk System was initially developed by Dr. John Veltheim in Australia in the 1990’s. Dr. Veltheim had a practice in Brisbane of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and naturopathy. Through his research into many widespread fields of health practices and his own observations with patients and with his own health, he developed a number of techniques that seemed to have marvelous positive results in a variety of conditions and diseases. This became the foundation for the first Body Talk seminar taught in 1995. It has evolved tremendously since then and is now a dynamic methodology that is continuing to undergo new developments.

 International Body Talk Association

The Body Talk System is now taught on all five continents and in many different languages. The International Body Talk Association (IBA) is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, and is responsible for training courses, oversight of practitioner standards, certification of practitioners and credentialing, and generally working to ensure that the public’s best interests are being served with regard to the Body  Talk System and its family of practitioners. I encourage you to click on their website HERE and learn a great deal more about Body Talk!

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